Sleep as Android Full v20151130 build 1171 APK [ Android ] Download

Sleep as Android Full v20151130 build 1171 APK [ Android ] Download

Track your sleep and wake up gently with nature sounds in optimal sleep phase
Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up uses your phone’s accelerometer (2 weeks trial) NEW Pebble, Android Wear and Gear (Tizen) smart watch wrist-tracking

Sleep as Android Full v20151130 build

Sleep as Android Full v20151130 build 1171 Features:
NEW Philips HUE smartlight integration
Sleep graph history
Sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring statistics
Social sharing (FaceBook, Twitter)
Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm…)
Alarm music playlists
Nature sound lullabies with binaural tones for fast fall asleep
Never oversleep again with CAPTCHA wake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, Bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
Sleep talk recording, snoring detection and anti-snoring
What’s in this version

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Experimental Spotify integration: alarms + lullaby
Fix for alarm dialog not shown regression in BETA
Alarm dialog auto restarting when left
Different difficulty levels for each CAPTCHA
Pee-light in menu of the tracking screen available also for pre-M devices
All permissions are now optional on Android M
Experimental stop recording when lucid dreaming audio cue and show lucid cues in graph
Option to choose path for noise recordings on your SD card on Lollipop and earlier
Battery optimized option on tracking screen for device which support sensor batching
Option to set silent Lucid cue and rather rely on light, vibe or smartwatch
More battery efficient work-around for doze mode on Android M
Enabling noise recording will now suppress “Battery optimized” mode
Lullaby correctly handles phone calls
Auto turn on WiFi to download weather in the morning
Alarm postpone: allow temporarily postpone repeating alarms by X minutes
Hide noise column from stats if not tracked
Fix for HR sensor left ON after Wear app exists
Fix for turning of lullaby (not just volume) when falling asleep
Fix for weather info after sleep tracking
Pebble: Pebble Time Round support, bedtime and alarm on timeline, fix for long press to resume paused tracking
Skip next alarm directly accessible from alarm detail
Fix for missing awake phase when detected from heart rates
Google Fit & S Health: Import of sensor walking data into sleep graphs
Noise recording playback position indicator
Explicit configuration option for QR and NFC CAPTCHAs in Settings > CAPTCHA
Interacting with CAPTCHA will increase alarm sound suppress timer automatically
REM phase Taker event works even when lucid dreaming is off
Fix for “…” button on alarm list
Fix weird sounds with fixed volume alarms
Fix broken vibration with fixed volume alarms
Fix for crashes if auto start lullaby is miss-configured
Non-intrusive “Hello” splash screen
Workaround for buggy phones that popup every time SD-Card is written. We significantly reduce number of these popups
Fix for crash on startup on 2.3 firmware
Deleting all disabled alarm required solving CAPTCHA for snooze/soon alarms
If screen orientation is locked on alarm, phones will always use portrait mode
When notification about alarm coming soon is dismissed, it won’t appear again
New texts in Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Many thanks!)

Sleep as Android Full v20151130 build 1171 APK [ Android ] Download

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